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Review of Torrid’s Twill Sherpa Lined Anorak Jacket

All Winter capsules don’t include an Anorak jacket as an essential, but think it should be.  It’s original intended purpose was for warmth in frigid temperatures.  If you’re in an area where you need that kind of warmth, an Anorak is a must have.

Technically, an Anorak jacket is really a parka. The definition of an Anorak jacket is simply a heavy jacket with a hood. Historically, an Anorak jacket is line with fur, though nowadays, usually faux fur.

The original Parka design for this jacket came from the Caribou Inuit, from the Hudson Bay area in Canada. They used seal and caribou skins to make their coats to keep warm while hurting and fishing in the cold temperatures of the Arctic.

I bought this jacket at Torrid (similar here). The hood is adjustable and can be taken off. The inside of the jacket is fully lined. The jacket zips up and then a panel flips over the zipper and snaps down to be sure you’re snug inside. The hood is also lined and can be pulled around the face for extra warmth.

I haven’t worn it to the Arctic, but it was plenty warm enough for me here in South Carolina during our recent two weeks of Winter.

There are a couple of things to really love about this jacket.  It fits well and is cozy which are major pluses. Another really nice thing about this jacket is that it’s classic enough that it won’t really go out of style.  But the thing that I like best is all the pockets.  Especially the hand pockets.  There is a top portion where you can house gloves.  Then if it’s not quite cold enough to wear them, you can leave them in the top pocket and just slide your hand in the side pocket that’s beneath the top pocket. 

Torrid has a similar, more lightweight jacket here and a quilted version here.  With spring and summer on the way, now is a good time to find a this really classic style jacket on sale.

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