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Ebay is a great place to find items that you might have missed when they were in the store.  Sometimes, you can find a really great deal, but be careful not to over bid.  The best tip I can think to give is to know how much you can afford to pay for an item in advance.  Set that as you limit and don’t get caught up in the last-minute explosion.  If you lose the item, it’s no biggie, another opportunity will come along shortly.  Usually, you can figure out what an item will sell for by doing a little homework before you start bidding.  Often, you’ll find just the item you’re looking for that’s never been used at a price that you can afford.  Just be patient and know your limits.

Eddie Bauer

There is a pretty limited line which mostly consist of winter outerwear.  Prices range up to about $380; however, if you’re looking for a substantial winter coat at a great price, now is the time to buy.  The coat that normally runs at $380 is on sale for $169.  Sizes 1X – 3X or US16 – US24.

Eileen Fisher

Her site states that their vision is “for an industry where human rights and sustainability are not the effect of a particular initiative, but the cause of a business well run. Where social and environmental injustices are not unfortunate outcomes, but reasons to do things differently.”   Petite sizes – 12P – 18P (not the same as 18W).  Plus 1X – 3X or US 16W – 24W.  Eileen Fisher is a designer label, prices range upwards to $300.  (Lots of linen and silks).  Color pallet is mainly neutrals.

Elena Miro

Elena Miro is an Italian designer.  Her clothes are not available at her site, but you shop for them at Navabi.  You might be able to find some of her clothing items at Lyst, though most of what I found there was in regular sizes.  Sizes US 12 – US 32 (when available). Prices range from $50 – $500.

Elomi Lingerie

Their slogan is “Beautiful lingerie for the fuller figure.” They offer Wacoal, b.tempt’d, Fantasie, Goddess and Freya (up to K up).  Find them at the following stores:


This is one of my favorite sites.  Eloquii is a private company based in New York and Columbus, OH. Their size range is from US14 – US24. They ship to US, Canada, UK and Australia. Their prices range up to about $200.
The clothes that I own from Eloquii are great quality and well worth the price (though I do often wait for a sale). One of their biggest hits is the Kady Fit Pant. Definitely take a look at those!


Their site states, “The Elvi woman is proud of her curves and embraces them through the clothes she chooses to wear.  We design clothes that flatter and enhance the fuller figure – not to hide it. At the heart of Elvi, our core philosophy is to create statement contemporary fashion that is attractive, accessible and affordable to all women ranging from sizes 14-26. With our focus being on providing exceptional quality, expert tailoring and all-around personal customer experience every time you shop with us.”  Prices can range up to $200, but they have great sales.


Sports bras for the plus-size woman. Owner, Renelle Braaten was an avid volleyball player that had to “double-up” on her bras during her workouts. With the help of her mom, Renelle had bras constructed for support, stability and security. Here is the fit guide for her site.


eShakti is a GREAT site.  They have fun patterns and you get to have a lot of say in the way you want your dress made.  Want it shorter?  No problem.  Want it maxi?  No problem.  Their plus size line is from 1X/US16-18 through 6X/US36.  This is truly a unique site.  A lot like having your own tailor.  Prices vary depending on how you order.  If you’re not sure how it works, each item will walk you through.  Basically, there are two options.  The first is a standard order which means that you want the item as you see it.  The second option allows you to customize your garment for a fee (usually around $10).  (NOTE:  If you’ve never had clothes altered, know that this is a very reasonable price).  Also, a big plus about the site – even if you aren’t going to order the item custom, note that it asked for your height.  This means that even if you aren’t going to have them change anything else, they still make the dress to your height requirements (a very cool bonus).  You will want to keep in mind that the item is made specifically for you, so it will take about 10-14 days for your garment to arrive.  Side note:  I’ve never seen bad reviews from eShakti, and I have never got a garment from them that wasn’t great quality and well-made.

Evans (USA)

This is a British brand that was founded in 1930. The offer clothing in size US10-28 (I have also seen in other places that they offer up to size US32) and specialize in footwear with extra-wide fit for sizes US6-12. Their clothing specializes in shapes – Busty, Apple, Hourglass and Pear. If you don’t know your shape, there is a link on their site to help you discover yours. Prices range from $4 – $230.


eVogues offers apparel in both junior plus and women’s plus. Their specialty is “everyday wear.”  They offer tops/dresses in sizes 10/22. Jackets from 1X – 3X.  Their site states that they update their inventory on a weekly basis basing their changes on the downtown Los Angeles fashion district. As they offer both junior/women’s, pay attention to the site guides for each item (just by looking at the size guide on some of the items, I can tell you that these clothes run a couple of sizes small, so the general rule of sizing up one size in junior clothing doesn’t appear to apply here. The largest item I saw only went to size US14/16). Pricing in the $20 – $30 range.

Ewa Michalak

Ewa Michalak is a polish bra brand.  Her site states that she “offers the widest range of sizes on earth 🙂 Band sizes from 65 (30) to 100 (44), cup sizes from AA to LL (see the size chart!). Any woman can find the perfect Ewa Michalak bra at affordable price, no matter how big or how small her bust is.”  Side note, they are on “a well deserved holiday” from August 15th through September 2nd.  If you go the Ewa Michalak’s about me page, you will find links to blogs that review her bras.

Eyani Couture by Sakinah B (New Listing – Watching)

A participant in the Full Figured Fashion Week 2016, Eyani Couture is a very different kind of plus-size clothing that I haven’t seen before. Their site states that they “offer glamour and sexy sophistication with trendsetting looks varying from party wear to red carpet gowns.” What’s very interesting about the site is that a gown can be changed up. For example, on the site there is a beautiful Cinderellaesque ball gown that peals back to reveal a cocktail dress. The long skirt becomes a train which, at least for me, brings to mind a Peacock tail (keep in mind that I have 5 of them, so Peacocks come to mind often). At present, I can find a link that indicates how to buy their clothing or find out pricing. A link to their facebook page list $$$$ and there is a contact us page at their website presumably so that you could contact them for more information.  I’ve decided to add them to the list to watch and see where this brand goes.

That’s it for the E Addition (at least for now).  If you know of a site that I left off, please feel free to post it in the comment for addition or contact me through the contact page.  Happy plus-size shopping ya’ll!

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