15 Ways to Dress for Fall When It’s Still Hot

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When the seasons change here in Carolina, you never know what you’re going to get.  One minute, it’s chilly.  The next, it’s just plain hot.  Because this happens this time of year (actually, it happens twice…between our two weeks of Winter and then again after Sweltering YouKnowYou’reGoingtoDie Summer), it’s always best to take a light jacket, which means that you can’t often wear the latest styles you’re seeing in stores.  That might be a while.  For us, this is shorts and jackets weather.

Basically, Fall trends are tricky for us.  It’s like Summer just isn’t quite ready to give up the ghost, but we Southerners are certainly ready for that ghost to go on into the ether.  We’re so ready for it, we go buy that trendy sweater that we know we probably won’t get to wear even when we do get our two weeks of real winter.  Because by that time, there will be ice on the ground.  And when that happens, we’re not going to get to go anywhere until the dang ice melts the next day and then it’s just going to be hot all over again.

So we have to cheat a little bit, so that we at least feel like we’re being somewhat in season.  Shorts and jacket outfits are one way that we do it, here are a few others:

  1. Draping jackets over the shoulders.
  2. Wearing over the knee boots with a short-sleeved dress.
  3. Wearing a tank with a chiffon kimono as the outer layer.
  4. The Sleeveless Jacket – yeah, it’s basically a vest, but still looks like a jacket.  This can be used with bare shoulders, paired with a short-sleeved top or with a very light 3/4 or long-sleeved top.
  5. Ankle boots – they keep your calves from sweating.  If you must have higher boots, go with the slouch unless you are trying for a #2 look.
  6. Long sleeve dress (above the knee and light weight) – it serves the purpose of keeping you warm when it’s chilly out, but won’t give you a heat stroke if it gets a little warmer during the day.
  7. Knee socks – because they do the same thing for your legs that a long sleeve dress does for your arms.
  8. Blazers and shorts, for the same reason you can wear shorts and jackets.
  9. Very lightweight sweater with a short skirt.
  10. Short sleeved dress with booties and a scarf.  Add a hat to complete the look.
  11. The Vest – layer it over light weight top and wear the sandals.
  12. Faux leather jacket (the lightest one you can find) adds the right amount of attitude (but keep your shorts on).
  13. Sleeveless, tank or cami dress with a jacket.
  14. The poncho and the tank top – it’s all about illusion.
  15. If you have to wear pants, go with a short-sleeved top and accent with fall colored accessories.

That’s how we do it here in Carolina.  If you have any other tips, I’d love to hear them.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me a bit of your time.


Jacket – Dressbarn (old, similar here); Top – Lane Bryant; Shorts – Torrid; Shoes – Bernie Mev.


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