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Walk This Way – RUN-DMC and Areosmith

The Dane and I like to hike.  For a while, we did it very regularly (we are trying to get back into the habit).

Luckily, we live in an area that offers lots of hiking trails.  We have a few friends that do as well.  One of them gave us a hiking trail map for all of South Carolina.  For a while, we were trying to work through all the ones in our area.  Returning to the ones that we liked the best fairly often.

A few years ago, we had a real gullywasher rain cycle that didn’t end for a few days.  Water levels rose and ended up flooded out one of our favorite trails  (We call it the Troll Path.  For some reason, we started giving paths and parts of paths our own names).   Some time later, we went back and the erosion was pretty fierce.  Whole areas of the path were washed out and it was dangerous in a few places to even try to continue on. 

Sadly, we dropped it off our list enough that we sort of forgot about it for a couple of years. 

The other day, we were discussing some trails that we might try again and The Dane mentioned that we hadn’t been on the Troll path for a while and he pondered aloud that it might be time to try it again.  So off we went on a merry adventure.

The reason we call this path “The Troll path” is because there is a bridge that we have to walk under.  For whatever reason, one of the first times we were on the path, we both thought of Billy Goats Gruff and how this was where the troll would be.  It was the Troll path from then on.  (There’s another that includes the Harry Potter Bridge).

Not too long after we started walking the path, Chicka joined us for a weekend.  She was still young enough that we could spook her a little and we joked with her about the trolls.  We made our way past the bridge and around the whole loop and came back to the bridge and had just gotten past it when the most awful screeching started.  (Truth be known, it scared the crap out of me, too).  We never found out what caused the screeching, but I can tell you that it didn’t take the three of us all that long to hike the rest of the 1/2 mile back to the car.  (Now, every time we talk about the Troll path, I know that all three of us wonder what that sound was.)

We hadn’t intended to go the whole loop, as we were really only thinking that we’d check out the path up to the fork to see how it had changed since the erosion.  As we walked along, we met bikers and joggers on the trail.  One man that we met had a very sweet dog named Sandy.  She met us first and we ended up finding out that her owner was selling a home in Canada to make the Upstate his permanent home.  (We always meet the most interesting people when we are out hiking).

It was getting on toward the golden hour when we realized that the path had fewer and fewer people around, so we figured we could continue our leisurely stroll without bothering anyone.  Besides, there’s a part of the trail that I call the Fairy Bend (which leads to the Witches’ Staircase).  This part of the path used to go along the edge of a cliff near the water and I wanted to see how that part had been rerouted as it had been the most eroded during the flood.  I’m so glad we decided to go through that part of the path because we ended up finding the “Rabbit Hole.” 

I think you might agree that this was a beautiful spot.  (Good thing we had our camera with us).

We ended up walking the whole loop.  It was a bit muggy but only buggy in the boggy parts.  I didn’t exactly have on the right outfit or shoes for hiking, but it was worth it.

Hope you are all having a great week.  Thanks for stopping by!


Dress – Old Navy; Top – Cato; Crossbody – Betsey Johnson; Jewelry – Cato (similar).

If you come to a fork in the road, take it – Bear Bryant

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