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Dama Talya – Plus Size Designer Clothing. All clothing is manufactured in the USA. Her site states that “Dama Talya offers perfectly fitted suiting, dresses for every occasion, and a range of tops/blouses for every body type.” She offers her clothing in sizes 14 – 24.  Prices range from $55 – $170.

Debenhams“The UK’s leading department store.” Clothing is listed in UK sizes so you’ll need to pay attention to the size chart for measurements. Also, cost is listed in British pounds. Currently, $1 is = 0.76 pound sterling (check as this does change regularly).


Dear Curves – Their site states “Dearcurves is inspired by africa‚Äôs definition of beauty and appreciation of the curvaceous female form. The brand is renowned for its usage of wax print to reinvent the plus size silhouette by creating stylish fashion forward apparels for women with curves. Sizes US 12 – US 24. Prices range from $86 – $188.

Dear Scarlett (New Listing) – This is a lingerie site for woman who want a full coverage bra about a DD cup.  $20 – $60 range.

Designer Curves – “Big Gals Lingerie” from sizes 1x – 6x. Lingerie, Clubwear, Swimwear (up to size 12X) and costumes. 5x – 8x is +$5 and 9x – 12x is +$10. Cost $30 – $80.

DH StylesTheir site states that they are “America’s Second 500 largest E-retailer by the American Registry.”  I have to admit that I have no clue what that means.  I have one huge pet peeve and this site has the issue.  It almost made me not include the site.  They don’t have a size chart.  In the plus-size world, size charts matter A LOT.  The reason I decided to include it is that reviews that I’ve read for the site are almost always overwhelmingly positive.  I don’t want to not include something that could be beneficial to someone out there just because it hits a huge pause on my pet peeve scale.  But beware that you really, really need to pay attention to the return policy on this site.  They have an unconditional 30 days return policy from the purchase invoice date (that means the day you purchased the item).  You’ll need to be familiar with the entire policy before ordering. Sizes 1X – 3X. Prices vary around $30 – $50 range.

Dick’s Sporting Goods – Dick’s offers a very limited plus-size line of activewear.  I’ve included it because I do sometimes buy activewear from them.  Dick’s website is also guilty of not including an overall size guide, though they do include it on most items.  They offer 1X – 3X.  A 1X is roughly 16/18, 2X is roughly 20/22, and a 3X is roughly 24/26.  Prices vary a lot depending on the “name brand.”

Dillard’s – I personally like the clothing options offered by Dillard’s; however, I hate the store set-ups.  A few that I have been to set the store up by brand which makes it very difficult to know if a brand carries plus-size clothing without getting somewhat frustrated.  Our local Dillard’s doesn’t do this.  They have a plus-size, but it’s in the back of beyond and hard to find if you don’t know what you’re looking for.  If you decide to do some shopping at Dillard’s inside the store, make sure you ask the salespeople about your size, it will save you a ton of time.  In our local store, the clerk’s in the plus-section are plus-size and they know what they are doing.  I sincerely hope this is something that Dillard’s does on purpose to make up for putting us way in the back corner where no one else ever goes. Dillard’s offers a really good selection of plus-size clothing both in store and online.  (Online is easier).  You’ll need to be sure to watch the size-guides for each designer as they do vary quite a bit.  Back in the day, this was the place to get the designers clothing for plus-size, but it was mostly still just square and boxy with a name on the label.  This is all changing very rapidly.  I particularly love the Lauren by Ralph Lauren offerings lately and Vince Camuto is quickly becoming one of my favs.  Cost can be a bit pricey so watch for sales, unless it’s a must-have.  I recommend putting aside money for more expensive pieces and then buying something that will stay in style for years to come.  The quality is typically very, very good and the pieces will last for years.  All that said, I do think that Dillard’s tends to be a bit on the mature side.

Dorothy Perkins – or “Dotty P” as they are known in some places.  DP is another site that had size guide issues.  There is one, but it basically translates what a UK size would be in US sizes, but there are no measurements.  I do a little more looking around and found a size chart and the sizes do roughly translate to the US size that you would typically find in Lane Bryant (I use that as a standard of measure).  Based on that, DP sells plus sizes US14 – US20.  The sizes online are UK sizes, so please be sure to convert before ordering.  There is a notice on site about “DP curve” going up to size 28.  That would be roughly a US 24 (UK sizes are about 4 sizes off, so a UK 28 should = a US 24).  I did not see any offerings up to UK28/US24 at present.  Clothing is super-cute and ranges from $20 – $100.  It is a UK-based company, so watch the return policy.

Downeast Basics – Offers sizes L/12-14, XL/16 and XXL/18-20. The sizing guide is generous, so you may want to take a look at your measurements and figure out where you fit before ordering. I would have to size down based on the size chart.  The site offers basically what it says in the name, basics.  But, who doesn’t need basics?  Need a striped or pencil skirt?  This is where you can find just a basic one for your wardrobe.  Price ranges around the $50 area.

Dressbarn – Ya’ll know I love Dressbarn!  They sell up to size 24.  I am a huge fan of their fit and flare and A-line dresses.  I really like several of their summer offerings (which is good because I wasn’t crazy with the last couple of releases), but this tropical print is yummy!  Some years ago, Dressbarn did something similar to what I described above in the Dillard’s section.  They put everything together.  I had such a horrible experience that I left the store unable to find anything in my size.  Since then, they’ve gone back to having regular sizes on one side of the store and plus on the other side.  Prices range from $50 – $80, but you can often get things on sale.

Dr. Jay’s – is the leading retailer for street fashion.  They offer plus size clothing in sizes 0X/12; 1X/14-16, 2X/18-20, 3X/22-24.  Prices range from $20 – $50.

Duluth Trading Company – I like Duluth Trading Company so I included them in the list.  They sell plus size up to size 24, according to the size chart. L/14-16, XL/18-20 and 2XL/22-24.  I have bought a number of Henley and T-shirts from them because I like that they are 2 inches longer than regular T-shirts.  This matters when you are top-heavy and most T-shirts stop at or above the waist-line when you didn’t intend for them to do that.  I highly recommend their tees, as they do not shrink and I have had no trouble with them fading.  I bought a couple to start with and as soon as I wore those, bought others.  I also particularly like the work pants for working in my garden.  These clothes are very durable.  I just wish they’d expand the plus size collection.  There is no particular “plus” section.  You just have to check to see if what you want is offered in the size you need.  One word of caution, size up on anything that looks tight-fitting (especially if it has hemp in it).






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