My Life in the Fat Lane – The World Through the Lens of my Camera

Song that inspired the title:  Concrete Jungle – Bob Marley

My parents didn’t take many photos of us when we were growing up.  Back then, taking pictures was expensive.  Photos of my siblings and me were reserved for Christmas, the odd birthday and school photos.

As a result, when I got my first job, and had a little disposable income, I became obsessed with photography.  My parents often kid me about those first “creative” photos I took (which were of a woodpile out behind our house).  I had very little skill, but lots of imagination and lots of ambition to get better.  Through the years, I have honed this craft by taking pictures of my family.  They actually groan when they see me with a camera.  Then they pose (and pose and pose) and then bug me to let them see the finished product.  I have created such hams, but I delight in every moment of it.

The one thing that I hadn’t gotten totally comfortable with was having MY picture taken.  There are whole years where there is only a picture or two of me.  Now that I’m older and can look back on myself more kindly, I regret not stepping out in front of the camera a little more often.  This blog, in a lot of ways, is my therapy.

Photography has taught me to learn to look at the world in a different way.  A simple parking structure becomes a backdrop.  What normally would seem so ugly because of all the water marks and flaws, becomes beautiful background texture.

And, its taught me to be a little kinder to myself.  To embrace my curves and look at myself in a more friendly light.  It’s a very freeing experience.

For this shoot, I choose a layered look.  Right now, I’m obsessed with casual dresses and the many ways that you can switch them up.  This one is a swing dress from BooHoo.  My main problem is that with so much up top, the dress is too short so it forces me to come up with creative ways to enjoy the dress.  This time, I decided to go with a more layered look and paired the dress with a skirt from Old Navy.  Shoes are from Impo.

(The Dane laughed when he read about “so much up top” and said:  My dad once said he’d be taller if he hadn’t grown along the ground so long before starting to grow up.  Giggle.)

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