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While researching sites for “The Big List of Plus-Size Sites,” I ran across an idea for swapping clothes. 

It’s an interesting idea.  Tired of the clothes that you own and want to try something else without spending any money?  Just host a clothing swap among your friends that are a similar size.  Want to include friends that aren’t your size, then make the group larger to accommodate by creating groups within the party that are similar size.  Novel idea.

I’ve actually never been to a clothing swap and hadn’t heard of one before I stumbled on this great idea. 

It got me to thinking.  If people host parties for clothing swaps, maybe there’s something online.  And, there’s that too!

If you decide to host a clothing swap, there’s some planning involved and a maybe a rule or two:

  • Make sure that you include groups of people of similar size so everyone has others to swap with, consider inviting friends of friends
  • Make sure to let everyone know about the swap party in plenty of time to allow them to purge their closets
  • Decide how you want the party to flow so that one person doesn’t leave with everything, while others leave with nothing at all
    • Have everyone bring a certain number of items, like 10 each or 12 if you include accessories such as jewelry, shoes, belts, hats and unopened cosmetics
  • Inform guest before hand that all clothing must be laundered.  If you’re using racks, be sure to tell your guest to bring clothes on hangers to hang or you know, any way you might want to present them.
    • Make sure guests know to bring quality clothes to swap (that way you don’t have that one friend showing up with all the stuff they bought at Walmart…you know what I mean)
    • Make sure guests know that clothes must be in good repair (no broken zippers or missing buttons)
    • Everyone goes home with the same amount of items that they brought or less (leftovers can be given to Goodwill or something similar)
    • Have your friends set up their items
      • Have some pre-marked tabs so that it makes it easier for them to find where things go
      • A table for shoes with sizes already labeled
      • A cork board for hanging up jewelry
    • Allow a time where everyone gets to take a look at what’s available
    • Create a lottery system so that there isn’t a mad dash creating havoc which would probably ruin the party
    • Allow time for your guest to “barter” for items they might want to exchange
    • Definitely make it a party atmosphere
      • Include light food and drinks for everyone to share (even friends that might not have wanted to participate in the swap)
  • Be sure to have an area where clothes can be tried on, such as a bathroom or screens set up like changing rooms
  • Set specific times for the swap so that when it’s over, you can relax and enjoy each other’s company and there is no more haggling (nothing like getting constantly badgered for a great pair of shoes everyone wanted through an entire party)
  • Leftovers should be donated to Goodwill, but as the host, think of doing the bagging when your guests are distracted (spare feelings so the party is a success)
  • If your group of friends is so sized varied that it makes a clothing swap impossible, try hosting an accessories party instead

If you decide that hosting a swap might not be the best choice, here are a few websites to try:

  1.  Swap
  2. Swap Style
  3. Clothing Swap
  4. Rehash
  5. ThreadUP
  6. Vinted
  7. The Clothing Exchange
  8. Tradesy
  9. Ebay
  10. Poshmark

If you’ve ever hosted or attended a clothing party, how did it go?  Feel free to share any other sites that I may have missed.  Happy browsing!

Until next time, have a great weekend!


Top-Old Navy; Shorts – Cato; Shoes – Timberland; Bag – Steve Madden


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