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Hey Beauties,

Isle of Palms is about 15 miles from Charleston, SC.  It’s a beautiful stretch of coast land on an island that’s mostly residential with a small business district and very active beach life.

During the weekends, this little island is rocking, but during the week, it’s a great place to relax and get your suntan on.

Typically this time of year, The Dane and I head for the hills.  This year, he decided that he’d rather go somewhere for some downtime.  This is one of the absolute best things about living in South Carolina.  It’s close to the mountains and close to the beach.  It’s just a matter of which direction you want to travel.

Sometimes when we head to Charleston, we end up on Folly Beach, this year, we decided on IOP.  It’s the perfect place if you are looking for long romantic walks in the surf.

Some time ago, I ran across this bathing suit top from City Chic.  I ordered it on a whim, thinking I’d use it around the house.  I went ahead and packed it thinking that if it was quiet enough on the island, I might get up enough guts to wear it.  Turns out, I really enjoyed wearing it.  I haven’t worn a bathing suit top like this since I was about 12 years old.  I figure if I can do it, maybe I can be an inspiration to others to go for it.  As you can tell from the pictures, I got bolder and bolder as time went on, shedding the cover-up and pants as I went along.  For the first time since I was 12, I actually have a tan belly.  Yay!

A few days before we left, I got an alert that a storm might be brewing off the coast.  During times of disaster, I work with the Red Cross as part of a disaster relief team.  I worked Katrina and I can tell you that I am sincerely hoping that this storm does some drastic downsizing quickly.

The Dane and I kept an eye out, but it was smooth sailing all the while we were on vacation.  As soon as we came home, we started getting alerts again.  As of now, it looks as though it is going to impact our coastal region.  If it does, this island will surely get hit as a lot of the predictions are including Charleston for landfall.  Mandatory evacuations are now in effect for Charleston and Beaufort Counties.  Some of the interstates have now gone to contraflow lanes due to the mass exodus from the coastal region.  Our school is without a bus system, as all the buses were sent down to help with the evacuation.  The next few days will be very scary ones for all those impacted by this storm.

Keep all of us in your thoughts and prayers.  We are surely going to need them.


Top and pants – City Chic; Swim shorts (old) – Dillard’s (similar here); Linen shirt – Dillard’s (similar here); and Flip-Flops – Sketchers.

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