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~Kling Glockchen Klingelingeling – Helene Fischer~

Zulily is one of those sites that I watch from time to time.  More often than not, I just browse, but occasionally, I do order from them. 

Zulily is based in Seattle, Washington and sells clothing, shoes, toys and home products.

It’s an interesting site. New sales go up every morning, while others are ending.  Each sale lasts for about 3 days. They offer brands that I don’t usually find anywhere else, though some of the brands have some of the same clothing.

If you find a particular brand that you like, you can mark it and whenever they have a sale on Zulily, you will be notified.

I sort of got hooked on watching Zulily when I was looking for bras about a year ago.  I was interested in the Curvy Kate bras and started watching for whenever the site featured them.

After a while, I’ve sort of learned a few things. First off, there’s something that you need to know about search by “plus size.” A lot of times, Zulily features a brand that will mark plus size on something most Americans would consider a straight size. It can be a bit frustrating as (at least for me) these features are usually brands that carry super cute clothes. Only, yeah, not for me.

That aside, there are still a lot of times when I find unique pieces that I don’t see in other online sites (but watch carefully as those finds usually sell out quickly).

A few months back, I really liked this very cute top that had bow closures in the back.  It was already sold out, so I marked it, along with a few other items that were also “gone.”  When this particular brand came back to Zulily, a few of the items were back in stock and because I’d marked to watch for them, Zulily emailed me to let me know they were back.

As for a return policy…pretty sure that since they get items from different places, it’s very difficult to do returns. I’ve only had one issue and was able to get it resolved by return credit to my card. The process was easy enough and the item ended up going to charity.

If you’ve never ordered from Zulily, you will want to know that if you order items from different features, you won’t get those items shipped together. I ordered a few items for Christmas and they haven’t arrived as yet. I contacted customer service and they assure me that the items will be here in time (I’ll keep you posted), but at this late date, it is a bit concerning.

This is the first tunic that I’ve gotten. This one came from Azalea, which had very positive reviews. I sincerely believe in watching reviews from other customers as I can usually find out if the sizing works or is way off. Most reviews state that Azalea tends to run true to size, which is what I found as well. However, I am 5’3, so the tunic turned out to be more like a dress on me. Not complaining as I will most likely use it as one at some point.

I’ll also caution you to watch the material. This tunic is made of 92% polyester/8% spandex.

If you’ve ordered from Zulily, I’d like to hear about your experience.  Should I be worried that Santa won’t be making it in on time?

Note on this sweater vest.  I bought this one last year at Cato.  Cato usually has totally different patterns, cuts and prints about every three months or so.  Every now and then, a popular item will find its way back into the store for a second season.  This cardigan is one of those items.  I highly recommend this sweater, it is perhaps the softest item of clothing that I own.

Until next time, thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.


UPDATE (12-21-17):  I am happy to report that all items (except one) have arrived.  All the pieces were included and I’m very happy with this purchase!

Tunic – Zulily; Jacket – Cato; Leggings – Maurice’s; Shoes – Cato; Handbag – Apt 9; Necklace – Betsey Johnson

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