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I had a conversation not that long ago with one of my plus-size girlfriends.  She told me that one thing she hated the most about clothes shopping is that she could never find a place to “just run in and get a cute outfit on the go that’s affordable.”  I shook my head and said, “that’s not true.  There’s Cato’s.”  She thought about it and said that she hadn’t been inside a Cato since she was a teenager.  I told her to give Cato a shot the next time she was looking for a cute outfit at the last-minute.  She assured me that she would.

I’m not much for “watching” TV.  Typically, The Dane will channel surf and I’ll perch in my favorite spot and check out all my favorite bloggers or look for the new arrivals at my favorite stores.  When I saw the new looks from Cato’s, I knew I’d be making a trip if not several.  Their new fall line is called the Iconic Collection and I love almost all the pieces.  I nabbed this entire look from their lookbook.

The clothes are also a nice quality.  The sweater is a mid-heavy weight, perfect for fall and perhaps light winter days (like we get here in the South) and the skirt is lined.

Their fall collection has a lot of black, white and neutrals.  This makes it very easy to mix and match for completely differently looks.  The even better thing about this collection is that every piece is very reasonably priced:  Dresses are $39.99, Sweaters are from $27.99 – $34.99, Tops from $21.99 – $24.99, and skirts up to $27.99.  Another thing to love about this collection is the pop of pink, which I believe would really set off any of the outfits.

If you’re looking to start a capsule collection, start with this set.  I really do believe that these pieces hit the “iconic” mark and will be usable for seasons to come.

Shop this look here.


Cato Iconic Collection


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