Carolina Panthers Training Camp 2017

Baby Jesus – Dab City

It’s hot!  I mean sho’ ’nuff hot here in the Carolinas.  Like it’s 100 degrees and so humid that hair mats to your face and clean clothes become sopping wet with sweat in no time.  But there’s something else in the air too. Football.  No really, it is!

Toward the end of July here, we start to feel it.  Each year, the buzz starts first.  “Isn’t it about time?”  Then someone will look up the training schedule and the next thing you know, the Panthers are coming! 

Yep, it’s hot, traffic sucks and you have to walk a mile or more sometimes to get to the stadium, but it’s so worth it when you get there.  There are people everywhere and everyone has on some form of Panther’s colors – black and blue (except it looks sort of blue/teal to me).

Today, we walked around to each of the more fun events – face painting, the Panther fan wall and vendors before we found a place to settle down and watch the players.  I always have a great time people watching and I love, love, love how people dress in team spirit!

It’s great fun even if the Panthers aren’t my primary team (we are a house divided – The Dane loves the Packers and I’m a Colts fan).

About the time we found a spot, Cam hit the field and the Baby Jesus tune started (he’s actually dancing to it in this photo).

If you get a chance to go to opening day training camp, even if it isn’t the team you root for, I highly recommend it.  Especially if you just happen to be a football fan in general.

Now, there’s just one question.  Are you ready for some football?


Shirt – Torrid (this one is from last year), Shorts – Torrid, Shoes – Levis, Bag – Betsey Johnson

Another Colt fan!


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