The Big List of Plus Size Shopping Site – C Addition

Song that inspired the title:  C is for Cookie – Sesame Street

Cake Maternity Lingerie – plus size nursing bras from 32B – 42M. Price $46 – $80.

Cato – Size 14W – 36W. Prices from $20 – $50. Overall, I like Cato.  A lot of my plus-size girlfriends complain that they can’t find somewhere to “just run in and get a great outfit at the last-minute.”  I find that Cato fills that void.  With at least three of them in our area, someone besides me has to be shopping there.  There are a few things to be aware of when shopping at Cato in the plus section.  Often they combine sizes like 14/16, 18/20, 22/24, etc.  This can mean that if you on the lower end that the garment is sort of loose-fitting and if you’re on the higher end, it can be a bit snug.  The best thing to do is to try things on or really pay attention to the size guide.  I made the mistake once of going with the size on a top that had no give to it.  It’s still in my closet with the tag still on it.  I look over it at least once a month with that “one day” thought.  Of course by then, it probably won’t seem like such a cute top anymore.  Another thing I have to watch out for is with pants and long skirts.  Typically, these are way too long and I really do have to look for petite sizing.  On the pro side, Cato is affordable and trendy.


Cabelas – I hate a love/hate relationship with Cabelas. I love their clothes and they are typically of very good quality. They just don’t offer some of what I wish they did from plus, but I do believe that they are getting better at offering their clothing in plus sizes. Though, for now, it only extends to 3X. They also have a Men’s Big & Tall section from Small – 4X.  Price range is less than $30 – $100.

Cabiria – Designer clothing by Eden Miller. She considers her line, “modern classic.”  Size 12 – 24. Looking at her size chart, you might want to consider sizing down. Don’t let the “designer” label keep you from visiting this site. While some of her clothing does run up to $250, there are a surprising number of pieces for $40. Her pieces are definitely trendy and chic. Check out the Sofia in pixellated roses silk double organa. It’s lovely!  Interesting tidbit:  Cabiria was the first plus size fashion line to show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (2013).

Callista – for Brides with Curves. Sizes 16 – 30. I went to a wedding once where the bride was plus size. She wore a lovely wedding gown, but there was a huge problem. It didn’t quite fit her in the bust properly. To me, it ruined her look and made her look like she was wearing a shelf. (No, I didn’t tell her and I’m guessing no one else did either). Harsh, I know, but these are the perils of plus size wedding gowns.    For me, the idea of tackling a wedding gown made me break out in a cold sweat and I opted for a nice ivory suit instead.  I often wonder how many plus size brides go without a wedding gown. Once upon a time, I was a bridesmaid. Back then, I was a curvy size 14. The bridal folks made me feel like I was the hunchback of Notre Dame.  The Horror, I tell you!  I don’t see any prices listed for this site, but I don’t think that’s unusual for wedding gowns. What I do like is that all the models are plus size and gorgeous!

Cameo de Bore   – Technically, this isn’t a “plus-size” brand.  I have decided to include them because they presented at Full Figure Fashion Week 2016.  The site specializes in bridal and floral clutches that range from $40 – $275.

Carmakoma – Plus size luxury fashion. I just fell in love with the off white Enrique Jeans! Carmakoma has a weird sizing thing going on. An XXS is US10, XS is US12, S/US14-16, M/US18, L/US20-22, and XL/US24. Price
range is $70 – $200. Some items are current on sale 1/2 off.

Camilla Jayne – “contemporary and quality plus size fashion for the modern woman!” Sizes 10 – 28. Prices range for $80 – $160.

Candy Stirke – about to launch a new line. Stay tuned!

Carla Bergamask – I am including this site; however, I have no idea how we can get this line in the states. I found a photo on Instagram and started doing a little digging, but so far, I haven’t come up with anything. The line is absolutely stunning.

Catherine’s – I consider Catherine’s to be the older sister of Lane Bryant.  Catherine’s offers plus sizes 16W-34W and 0X-5X.  Their target market is  women age 40–65 years.   Catherine’s is another store where you will want to pay attention to the size guide as things can get a bit strange if you understand the fit when going into the store for the first time.  Here is their size guide:  0X/US14-16, 1X/US18-20, 2X/US22-24, 3X/US26-28, 4X/US30-32, 5X/US34-36, and 6X/US36-38.  Price range $44 – $194.

Chadwicks of Boston – this is another catalog company that’s been around since the ’80s.  They offer sizes 16W – 26W; however, they bundle sizes. A 1X/US16W,18W,20W, 2X/22W-24W and 3X/26W. The size chart also says that the plus section is for women 5’4 – 5’7. In their regular line, a L/US14-16 and an XL/18-20. Pricing is from $25 – $100.  This site is good for basics and business wear.  I particularly like their leather blazers and floral dresses.

Charlotte Russe – Denim runs from size 16 – 24, everything else is 1X – 3X. We have a local Charlotte Russe, but they haven’t been carrying much in the plus section yet. I do check them out when I go to the mall because it’s one of Chicka’s favorite stores. Pricing runs in the $20 – $50 range.

Cherry Velvet – “Retro Class with Modern Sass.” This is a modern take on clothing from the 40s and 50s. Pay close attention to the size guide at their site as you’ll need to be sure to match your measures to their sizes. Their dresses run from about $170 – $200. They carry crinolines from $90 – $110.

Christopher and Banks – They carry sizes 14W – 32W. This store carries loads of basics and has a more mature lean.  Pricing is less than $10 – $100. I particularly like their scarf and wrap line.

Chubby Cartwheel – This is a site ran by independent designer Shawna. Her current collection includes the “Fat Beats” collection which the site states is a “fantastical unisex hologram collection inspired by international bloggers and local body positive activists!” Sizes available from 1X – 5X.  Pricing $40 – $100.

Chic & Curvy – This site offers a lot of trendy clothing. If you like bodycon, this is the place to find it. Be aware that this site is considered “junior plus” which means that you will most likely have to size up from your “normal” size. The size chart states 1X/US10-12, 2X/US14-16 and 3X/US18-20.

Chic Soul (New Listing)

Chic Soul is an online boutique for sizes 10 – 22. Prices range from $20 – $75.  There are a lot of fun patterns on this site. Clothing is what I would call trendy casual.

Cinderella’s Gowns – This is the “go to” place for plus size gowns. If you’re going to the prom, wedding or special social event and need a dress, you can find it here. Sizing appears to go up to size 24. And based on the size charts, these appear to be close to US plus sizing and not that special over inflated number that evening gowns used to come in. Be aware though that there is an extra charge for plus sizing. I checked out a few of them and saw that the “extra” can be as much as $100. The gowns are expensive, but in my experience these gowns go for that in brick-and-mortar (if not more).

Citron – “wearable works of art.” The clothing at this site is “inspired by Asian imagery and symbols.” Clothing is in the $170 – $200 range. Watch the size guide as it is unique. The size guide goes from XS – 4X. A 4X is listed as Bust:52-55, Waist:45-48, and Hips:54-58.

City Chic – size 14 through 24. I love City Chic clothing. Very trendy and well, chic.  They have an unusual size guide. Example: XS = US 14. However, after looking at the guide and my measurements, I would not wear my normal size. Pricing is $100 – $200.

Coco and Juan – An Etsy listing with 5 star rating. They carry tops, tunics, tanks, jackets, skirts, pants and dresses.  Pricing $30 – $50.

Collectif – pin-up and rockabilly clothing. The size chart stats that the clothing goes up to US18, but I’d definitely use the measurement guide as the numbers appear to be off. The clothing is funky. Prices are listed in pounds so you’ll need to convert at time of purchase.

Columbia – Sizes 16W – 24W. Columbia offers a limited line of plus-size clothing. It’s nowhere near their regular line (but it’s a start). My experience with their clothing goes like this, if it’s something with stretch, you can wear your normal size. If it’s something with no give, size up or avoid it as there are usually other fit issues like tight sleeves. Pricing is from under $25 – $75.

Coral and Company – Participant at Full Figured Fashion Week 2016, Coral & Co Australia offers Resort wear which includes Kaftans and Sarongs. This is a more mature collection that offers clothing in sizes US8 – 24. Their size chart indicates that sizes are as follows:  XS/US8, S/US10-12, M/US14-16, L/US18-20, XL/US22-24. Price range from $120 – $325.

Copper Union – is considered “an up-and-coming” fashion label out of Portland by designer Claire Doody. You can shop her items at her website. Doody designs clothes, from size US 12 – 30, that are intended to flatter the plus-size curves. Price range $10 (jewelry) – $250.

Country Outfitter – I’ve debated about putting this site up. The site has issues that I detest! For starters, I really HATE when the plus line and the regular line are mixed together. I also hate when you can’t sift through things by size. I noticed a lot of things offered in 1X, but couldn’t figure out if they had anything in 2X or 3X (which the site says they carry). And one of my absolute biggest pet peeves and a deal breaker is when there is no handy size guide.  Typically, you can find them at the very bottom of the home page or once you’ve clicked on a particular item, you can find it just above the “choose size” button. I searched the site and couldn’t find one at all (my sincere apologizes if there is one). After some debate, I decided to add the site because of the shoes. I have a very good friend who has a hell of a time finding shoes in size 10. Since this site has them (and for some reason the footwear part of the site has a lot of nifty sifting buttons that the clothing doesn’t) I chose to keep it in the list.

Cracker Barrel – I know, I know, but I’m a sucker for the Country Store at Cracker Barrel and believe it or not, I have found a lot of really cute things over the years.  You do have to be a bit careful with the sizing as it can run a bit snug, but most of it is forgiving enough or just so dang cute, that who cares if there’s a little bit of a roll.  And I pretty much have to be honest about this, I’d buy everything I could at Cracker Barrel if it fit.  I just love the things they carry.

Cupshe (New Listing)

Swimwear up to XXL (Size 20), though swim tops are listed from size 32C – 40D.  Most items in the $20 – $50 range.

Curvy Elle – This is another 5 star Etsy site owned by Laurel Teixeria. She also writes the blog The Curvy Elle.   She carries sizes 12 – 24 and up.

Curvy Girl – I am thrilled to have found this site.  If you are looking for something for that steamy night with that special someone, this site most likely has it.  They have sizes from 1X to 6X.  Prices vary up to around $100.

Curvy Kate – sizes 28D – 44G.  I still haven’t bought my Curvy Kate yet, but I’m eyeing one.  Watch Zulily, it’s about the only place that you can find Curvy Kate available in the US.  Be aware that they sell out fast!














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