Best Thing About Old Navy Dresses

In my family, we tend to be pretty loyal to our clothing brands.  Mom loves Alfred Dunner.  My sister has always pretty much stuck with Kohl’s.  Then there’s me. 

Back before plus-size was taken seriously and I was a size 14 (short), I had a hard time finding clothes that fit.  I mean really fit.  Shopping was a pain in the ass and I tended to find labels that were wearable and stick with them even if the clothing wasn’t flattering, just because I needed clothes to wear. 

Every now and then, I would luck up on something that fit nicely, but then I didn’t want to wear it too much because, you know, you have to save the nice stuff for nice occasions.  From time-to-time, I’d have some luck at Burlington.  Sometimes, JC Penney would have a couple of items.  Then along came Goody’s. I was over the moon when I found Goody’s because they carried things that I could wear.  Then, just like that, they went out of business. 

Back to the drawing board.  In those days, we had a local Old Navy.  It was more of an outlet store.  Going there was very ho-hum and even a bit depressing.  I remember one Christmas getting a couple of retro T-shirts for a family member.  He liked them so much they became regular work-wear (in other words, nothing special).

Not long after that Christmas t-shirt shopping trip, the Old Navy store went out of business. 

A little bit later, I heard they were putting in another one at a local strip-mall.  Our youngest was still in high-school and totally into Twilight (she was Team Edward all the way), she asked if we could go to Old Navy to shop.  I’m sure I rolled my eyes, but a part of me was a bit curious about the new location, so off we went.  It was a total shocker because it was not the Old Navy I remembered.  She ended up with decent basics to complete her back-to-school wardrobe.  The best part was that my wallet wasn’t as light as I thought it was going to be after school shopping, so it became a regular trip for back-to-school.

A few years ago, I read that they were carrying plus-size clothing, so I popped back in to take a look.  It was just before Christmas and I went in thinking I’d get the youngest a coat and a few things for a new job she was about to start and just see what they had in my size.  I had to do a little digging, but found a few things and was so please that I ended up leaving without getting the coat I’d originally went in to get. 

Since then, I’ve come to love shopping at Old Navy, both in-store and on-line.  I like to go to the store to see how things look.  If I can’t find my size, I check out the on-line store where I can usually always find what I’m looking for (though a couple of times they’ve been sold out as well.  That’s how I missed out on that cute tropical dress they had last summer}.

The one thing that I’m obsessed with at Old Navy is their dresses.  I love them (and that’s coming from someone who used to dread shopping for dresses).

Here’s why:

  1. Simple – while Old Navy has a line of very cute, trendy pieces, the ones with staying power are the more basic pieces.  While a few things might change on a certain basic dress, for the most part, it will still be in style long enough to really get some good wear out of it.
  2. Flattering – Old Navy makes it easy to pick dresses that will flatter your shape.  For me, that’s typically a fit-and-flare, but this year, I tried this pintuck swing dress. 
    1. Here are the categories:

      • Shift
      • Fit & Flare
      • Swing
      • Shirt
      • Off the Shoulder
      • Fitted
      • Waisted
      • Midi
      • Maxis
      • Rompers & jumpsuits
      • Sheath
      • Swim
  3. Ease-of-care – most of the items from Old Navy can be laundered right at home (though the pintuck I took to the cleaners). 
  4. Inexpensive – If you have a little patience, you can get really good deals at Old Navy.  (Here’s a review of things to know).
  5. Sturdy – while some things do have to be replaced yearly (layering shirts are very thin), most of the higher priced items are durable if cared for properly.
  6. Comfortable – sometimes, I have to change-up sizes at Old Navy to be sure that I’ve got a good fit (Pixie pants I have to try on because my regular size does not fit, usually I have to size up). 
  7. Cute – each season, there are the usual basics, but then there are trendier pieces as well.  Last year, I fell in love with their tropical print (pictured here).  I waited too long for it to go on sale and then couldn’t find it in my size.  If you see one that you like that’s trendy, consider getting with coupons to avoid losing out on a dress you’d like to wear.

Overall, I’m a big fan of Old Navy.  I told my sister she should give them a try.  About a month ago, I noticed she was sporting a cute top.  I teased her a little.  She laughed and said, “Yeah, there was an Old Navy on my way to Kohl’s.  Since you talk about them so much, I had to stop.”

One other tip before I close.  A few weeks ago, I couldn’t find a dress that I wanted in the regular line, so I decided to go ahead and get it from the plus line. I had a coupon and I wanted to know if there is a difference.  

My review of the difference is that the plus line fits similarly, but it allows a bit more in the bust and hips.  I’m pretty busty and I don’t have a problem with the regular line, but the added flare in the hips did make the dress a little more comfortable.  However, I don’t think the added $15 was worth the difference.  Definitely not a fan of the price-point gap.

Hope everyone is having a great week!


Sweater – Old Navy; Jewelry – Betsey Johnson (old) find current line here; shoes (old) similar here.





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