2017 Spring/Summer Plus-Size Trends

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Here are a few of my favorite looks for Spring/Summer. 

















  1. Off-the-shoulder – Just about every plus-size site that I can think of is presenting the off-the-shoulder look this season.  There are lots of variation with one-shoulder and cold-shoulder silhouettes.  The really cool thing about the 0ff-the-shoulder look is you can find it in a variety of tops, dresses and jumpsuits.
  2. Polka Dots – I’m not sure that polka dots really ever go out of style.  There is a distinct vintage look to much of the clothing offers that I found, but I think that just means it has staying power and is well worth having a couple of pieces on your closet.
  3. Floral – floral is probably pretty much always in during the Spring.  This year, though, it’s BIG and BOLD floral looks. 
  4. Gingham – gingham is another vintage fabric for me.  As I was looking around, I noticed that there were a good many offerings this year in almost everything…swimsuits, dresses, pants, tops.  I especially love the dress from Modcloth.

5.  Embroidered – a couple of weeks ago, I stopped by our local H&M.  I became completely obsessed with their embroidered dress (see it here).  It is a lovely dress.  Made me sad that they don’t sell it in plus-size.  The saleslady told me that they could not keep the dress in stock.  When I got home, I started looking around, thinking that surly with all the plus-size sites out there now, there has to be someone selling a similar dress.  I found a very similar one at ASOS (bless them).  I also found a few others that I thought were worth taking a look. 

6. Handbags – With Easter coming up, I was out looking around for a handbag to go with my Easter dress.  It occurred to me as I was shopping that I don’t always add handbags in my photo-shoots.  The thing is, I do love handbags, but I’m not necessarily “in” to designer bags.  I have several and I do use them.  But my real love is for the weird and quirky.  The other day when I was out, I really wanted to get the elephant bag from Charming Charlie (sold out).  I did manage to find one for my Easter dress…yep, it’s quirky.

7.  Shoes – I love shoes.  Back in the day when I couldn’t always find something cute to wear in plus-size, I could always find shoes to wear.  Years ago, there used to be a store in Atlanta called “The Wild Pair.”  It was the most unusual shoe store that I’d ever been to.  In between trips, I’d save up money so that I could go there and buy shoes that no one else had.  I can’t tell you how much fun it was to be stopped by someone and asked, “Where on earth did you get those shoes?”  (Sadly, “The Wild Pair” went out of business.) 

What trends are you obsessing over for the Spring/Summer season?

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